Tobi’s Christmas Wish List

Wish 1: A Voice for our Vets

As an American and Hoosier, I am proud of having served our country, trained in law enforcement and military operations, and lead teams deployed overseas. And I’m even prouder of my sons who chose to follow in their foster mom’s footsteps through military service. But it doesn’t take a military family and experienced veteran to know that our troops deserve more services and support.

Hoosiers know better than most what a lack of services can mean to those who have served and their families. As many of our soldiers head home for the holidays, it’s up to us to make sure they receive more than Christmas gifts – they need access to medical centers and increased Veterans Affairs services.

Our veterans fight every day for us and I’m proud to step up to fight for them. Help ensure that our vets have a voice in Congress. 

Wish 2: A Home for the Holidays

Every year, my hearth and home has been warmed by the presence of our foster children. As a foster parent who has been lucky enough to help over two dozen children in need throughout the years, I know that it’s not this year’s hot new gift or tech gadget that truly makes a child’s holiday – it’s a welcoming and loving home. 

All too often, cash is prioritized over kids. When we put savings over services for kids in need, we betray our values and put lives at risk. From budget cuts for children’s services to the elimination of health insurance for low-income children, our nation’s kids have been on the chopping block for far too long.  

Let’s tell Congress that the value of a dollar can never be more important than the value of a child. Together, we can stand up for our kids. 

Wish 3: Healthcare for the Holidays

My third wish is healthcare for all.

I’m not the only one who put health coverage on the wish list this year – will you help make our country’s health care wishes come true?

It’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when you’re worried about the cost of a trip to the doctor or your child’s health insurance running out. As a foster mother who has cared for dozens of children in need, I know that nothing is more important than keeping your family happy and healthy in any season. As my family and I deck our halls, I worry about those who are one accident or illness away from financial ruin.

Poll after poll has shown that the majority of Americans support health care for all. Let’s make sure that Congress gets the message.

For too many, a trip to the doctor could mean so much more than a few less gifts under the tree. Let’s work together to make everyone’s holidays a little more merry, and healthy, next year.

Wish 4: Let’s Build Bridges, Not Walls

Whether it’s your kind next-door neighbor, or a stranger in need, something about the season brings open arms and open hearts. We linger a bit longer to catch up with a friend down the street and find ourselves out in the neighborhood admiring the decorations – it’s the season to build bridges, not walls.

Hoosiers know the importance of being neighborly, building relationships, and nurturing our community. But when your neighborhood lacks basic infrastructure, such as street lights to guide your way, sidewalks where your children can walk, and roads that aren’t dangerously dilapidated, it can feel like your community has been forgotten.

That’s why my fourth wish this season is for safe celebrations for all, through an investment in safety and infrastructure that our neighborhoods, and our families, deserve.

Together, we can lift up our community.

Final Wish: Health, Wealth, and Happiness

With Christmas right around the corner, I have just one more wish to share.

One of the most beautiful things about our country is that we’re all working towards the same American Dream. For our children and families, we want health care coverage that is effective and affordable. For our partners and ourselves, we want good jobs with fair wages. For our communities, we want the infrastructure and tools to build safe and happy neighborhoods.

The New Year is almost upon us. This year, send me to Congress so that I can fight to deliver health, wealth, and happiness to you, your family, and your community.