Author: tobibeck

Rural Internet is Infrastructure

Today, I released a video focused on advocating for high-speed internet access in rural areas of Indiana as part of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s national Millions of Jobs Ahead campaign.   I’m thrilled to be a part of this national call to bring America’s infrastructure into the 21st Century. While access to high-speed internet in…

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Statement from Tobi Beck on DCS Director Bonaventura’s Resignation

“As a foster mom, I have seen what cost-cutting at the expense of children and their foster families can do: children unable to visit a doctor or receive the treatment or help that they need because the Department of Child Services claims not to have the funds; a computer system so desperately outdated that funding…

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Project 100 Endorses Tobi Beck

Project 100 Endorses Tobi Beck! Project 100 aims to elect 100 progressive women to Congress by 2020. Their platform “gives everyday activists the tools they need to find and support the strongest candidates running so that women who deserve to lead can gain the backing they need to win.” What does Project 100 have to…

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Huffington Post: Warrior Women Are The Role Models We Need

“Lieutenant Colonel McGrath isn’t the only warrior woman running for Congress in 2018. Tobi Beck is running as a Democrat in the 4th Congressional District in Indiana. Beck was a captain in the Army reserves who deployed to Somalia, and returned to the US just before the events depicted in “Black Hawk Down.” She’s also…

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Spotting Fake News

We have all seen the problem recently about fake news. News that has little or no bearing on reality, that really gets the blood boiling, and helps create a belief that the world is a particular way.