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Statement from Tobi Beck on Common Cause v. Rucho


“Yesterday, a three-judge federal district court panel ruled against partisan gerrymandering in North Carolina and in favor of the people. This was not only historic, but could lead to a ground-breaking US Supreme Court decision protecting our districts and representation from political games. As an advocate for fair districts, this news is incredibly encouraging, and I urge everyone working to end gerrymandering to stay strong and keep up their great work. This fight will surely be one of our greatest, because democracy can only work when everyone is represented.”

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Kokomo Tribune: Tobi Beck: VA underfunding women’s services


Last week, I was honored to join local and state officials, my fellow servicemen and servicewomen, and the Kokomo community at Foster Park, as Hoosiers remembered Marine Sgt. Opha May Johnson.

In boot camp, there are certain names you learn. The names of those who came before you and blazed a trail so you would benefit. For Marines, one of those names is Sgt. Opha May Johnson.

Opha May Johnson was the first woman to enlist and serve in the Marines during World War I. A Kokomo, Indiana, native, this fearless woman broke ground that paved the way for hundreds of thousands of women behind her to serve their country: a patriotic giant. As a female combat veteran, I owe a part of my military service to the women who paved the way.

When Opha May enlisted, she received the same pay as her male counterparts. But when it came to her physical exam, the Marines were not prepared to accommodate a woman. She was examined fully clothed because only male doctors were available. Her forms were full of crossed-out pronouns, because the only forms that had ever been used were made for men.

We have come a long way since those days, but we still have much work to do. In many ways, we are still unable to accommodate our female veterans. While the language on our forms is no longer at issue, today the Department of Veterans’ Affairs fails to fund or underfunds women’s health services.

According to the VA, women veterans are the fastest-growing group of veterans in the country — and they also face greater health-related challenges after their military service. Suicide rates among female veterans has jumped up a shocking 85 percent since 2001, and female vets frequently do not receive care until years after their service has ended.

Despite these disturbing facts, many VA hospitals do not adequately staff doctors or nurses who are able to meet the basic needs of this group. Necessities such as breast cancer screenings, Pap smears or pre-natal care are often not available at a local VA hospital. Forced to seek alternative care, servicewomen are told to find private doctors instead. This results in many of our servicewomen being turned away from any doctors’ office, unable to find a private medical professional covered under their plan. These services are vital parts of every woman’s health care regimen, but all too often we leave our female veterans high and dry when it comes to meeting their needs.

I considered it a great privilege to attend last week’s event in remembrance of Sgt. Johnson. I believe it is important to honor our history, but it is equally important to learn from it. When we fail to meet the needs of all of our veterans, including our servicewomen, we fail to truly honor them.

Sgt. Opha May Johnson broke barriers as the first female Marine to enlist. As a woman who served in a combat role, I have seen many barriers broken in my lifetime — and I know we can come together as a country to break yet another. Let’s honor our history by helping those in our present.

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Hendricks County Flyer: Hendricks County Democrats host Hoosier Hospitality Dinner


“Jeff Fites, the 4th Congressional District Chairman, stressed the importance of coordinating efforts and supporting all campaigns throughout the district. In particular, he praised the effort by U.S. Army veteran Tobi Beck, running in the Congressional 4th District, and her team, for repeatedly crossing the district and getting people excited to support a Democrat as their Representative.”

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Kokomo Perspective: Majority of health board approves Dickey repeal resolution


“Beck, however, said that if she was elected she’d support the resolution.

‘I believe it should be repealed,’ said Beck. ‘Before we can find solutions to our problems, we must consider their causes. When cars became a leading cause of American deaths, we studied the problem and came up with a number of solutions: three-point seatbelts, center brake lights, banked roads, crumple zones, better-designed bumpers, airbags, and more. These car and road design features were able to be implemented, in part, because we could study the problem. We need to be able to study firearm-related deaths in order to find new solutions.'”

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Journal & Courier: Speakers urge dozens to act, not just talk, against family separations


“‘Prayers are not enough,” said Rabbi Michael Harvey. “It’s human callousness, not God, that tore babies from their mothers’ arms, so it must be human generosity that returns them.”

Joe Micon, the executive director of Lafayette Urban Ministry and a former Democratic representative for House District 26, noted the presence of Chris Campbell, a Democrat running for the district, and the absence of Sally Siegrist, the Republican incumbent.

Multiple Democratic candidates, such as Tobi Beck who is running for Indiana’s 4th Congressional District, attended the protest.”

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Beck: Rural Internet is Infrastructure

Video featured as part of Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s national day-of-action focused on infrastructure and job creation


AVON, IN – Congressional candidate Tobi Beck released a video today focused on advocating for high-speed internet access in rural areas of Indiana as part of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s national Millions of Jobs Ahead campaign.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this national call to bring America’s infrastructure into the 21st Century. While access to high-speed internet in rural areas may be an often overlooked part of our nation’s infrastructure, it’s a vital part of everyday life. From children submitting homework assignments online to applying for jobs, access to the internet is necessary for success. With this video, we are continuing a conversation to ensure that as we talk about building up our roads and bridges, high-speed internet access in rural areas is part of our focus,” said Beck.

The video, titled “Rural Internet is Infrastructure” was part of a day of coordinated action featuring hundreds of candidates across the country talking about how bringing America’s infrastructure into the 21st century would create jobs while benefiting our nation.

Featured on the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s website, “Rural Internet is Infrastructure” will be released via, YouTube, @TobiBeck4Indiana on Facebook, and @BeckforIndiana on Twitter.

Tobi Beck is a combat veteran, foster mother, and experienced security and technology professional. An accomplished, proven leader, Beck is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress in Indiana’s 4th District and a proud Hoosier for over a dozen years.

Washington Post: These women have won their primaries. Will they be elected in November?


“An unprecedented number of women running for office in 2018 has resulted in a slew of primary victories for female candidates. Many of the women who will be on ballots in November have the potential to achieve historic firsts if elected.”

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Statement from Tobi Beck on Noblesville Shooting


“My heart goes out to those injured, to their families and friends, and to each and every scared parent and terrified child. As a foster parent and mom of three, I can only imagine the horror that is finding out there has been a shooting at your child’s school.

While many will extend their heartfelt sympathy, let me offer something more – a strong stand for solutions. No parent should have to worry for their child’s life, and no child should have to survive such a trauma. When the status quo has become our children being shot, we know it’s time for action – I stand on the side of action and promise that I will work for change.”

Journal & Courier: Baird, Beck win in 4th Congressional District races


“Tobi Beck, a veteran who works in the security industry and lives in Avon, came out of a field nearly as crowded, determined to show that Democrats are poised to take a district that has gone Republican in a big way through the decades, including the past four terms of Rokita.”

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Statement from Tobi Beck on Republican Attack Ads


“The recent attack ads in this race illustrate just what happens when we let big out-of-state donors put politics over people in our elections. From a racist ad targeting the immigration status of the only Hispanic candidate to an ad stating that a veteran who lost a limb in combat cost Hoosiers “an arm and a leg,” these attacks demean us all.

This is not how we represent Hoosiers. These ads undermine our values and create an unwelcome environment for businesses—from to individual investors—who can help us create a prosperous future for Indiana.

Hoosiers deserve better. From one combat veteran to another, I thank Jim Baird for his service and sacrifice for this country. As we move forward in our campaigns, regardless of party, let’s put Hoosier values first. Let’s keep the people of this district in our hearts and working towards a better Indiana in our focus.”

Indiana Farm Bureau Endorses Tobi Beck


Beck receives Farm Bureau nod in the 4th Congressional District

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Indiana Farm Bureau’s ELECT Political Action Committee announced that they are endorsing Tobi Beck in the 4th Congressional District Democratic Primary today. The endorsement is a key recognition of Beck’s strong pro-agriculture platform.

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Hendricks County Flyer: Tobi Beck marches her district


A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Tobi Beck’s was twice as long wearing combat boots.

For nearly 2,000 miles, Beck – candidate for the fourth congressional district – toured every county in her district in five days. A portion of her trip included walks through each county.

“We’ve gone to more places and more stops and had more talks than my congressman did all year last year,” she said. “That’s a lot of work.”

Counties Beck visited included Howard, Cass, Jasper, Newton, White, Tippecanoe, Carroll, Clinton, Montgomery, Boone, Morgan, Putnam, Fountain, Warren and Benton. She ended her tour in Hendricks County.

Read the full story at the Hendrick’s County Flyer.

Kokomo Perspective: Congressional candidate marches 4th District


One Democratic candidate laced up her combat boots to walk through Indiana’s 4th Congressional District and meet voters.

Tobi Beck came through Kokomo last Monday during her campaign for Congress. The Army veteran highlighted the issues that are important to her and put an emphasis on communicating with those she hopes to represent in Washington D.C., something she said isn’t happening right now.

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Newton County Enterprise: ‘Marching the district’


For Tobi Beck, democratic candidate for Indiana’s 4th Congressional District, it’s all about seeking connection with those who she seeks to represent.

“We’re trying to talk to people in all professions,” she said about her campaign’s efforts in Newton and adjoining counties. “If you don’t talk to the people how can you represent them?”

Read the full story at the Newton County Enterprise.

Journal Review: Women candidates meet constituents at WIN forum


Beck emphasized her desire to be a true representative of the people. “I’m running for a representative seat,” she said. “And that means somebody who’s actually taking your voice to Washington. That’s the number one reason I’m running.”

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Rennselaer Republican: Tobi Beck campaigns for U.S. Congress


U.S. Army veteran and security technology designer Tobi Beck is campaigning to represent Indiana’s Fourth Congressional District. The post is currently occupied by Republican Representative Todd Rokita, who is himself currently running to represent Indiana in the U.S. Senate. Beck is encouraging voters to choose her on the basis of her nuanced viewpoints, her passion for serving people and her desire for an active, useful government.

Beck’s family moved from state to state as she grew up, due to her father’s work in business. After entering college, she enrolled in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. After graduating, she enlisted in the Army and was branched to the military police, assigned to a Strategic Force (STRAF) Unit.

Her training included law enforcement, military operations in the battlefield and special weapons security. She was assigned to the 571st Military Police Unit. Her military career includes service in Cuba for Operation Safe Harbor, helping Haitian refugees, and in Somalia.

After her active service, Tobi joined the Army Reserve and started a career in security design and internet technology. She was called back into service several times, including for the 1996 bombing at Olympic Park in Georgia, to assist with designing and build better security for the city. In 2001, she was asked to serve as additional security after the 9/11 attacks.

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Herald Journal: Congressional candidate visits Monticello on walking tour


Congressional candidate Tobi Beck really was wearing her combat boots as she walked through Monticello and other parts on Indiana on Tuesday.

It was not just public relations for the combat veteran.

“They are, in fact, the boots I wore in Somalia,” Beck said as she prepared to make the three-mile walk from the Ball Corporation plant on 6th Street to Prairie Farms, south of Monticello.

Beck, who is running for the 4th District Representative seat as a Democrat, said she wants to walk through the district because she wants to meet the people she plans to represent.

“One of the things that’s always disturbed me is me is that Representatives don’t represent people. It’s a growing problem,” she said.

She believes that the country needs representatives that talk with people and represent the constituents’ ideas.

“So a lot of this is just going around talking to people,” she said.

She estimates she’ll walk 17 to 20 miles over the next week, about three miles a day.

Read the full story at the Herald Journal.

Pharos Tribune: Congressional Candidate Marches Through Logansport


Tobi Beck, a Democrat and U.S. Army veteran, wore the same boots she wore while serving in Somalia in 1993 as she made her way through Logansport on March 26 as part of her March the District campaign. She’s planning to travel to and march in all 16 counties included in Indiana’s 4th Congressional District this week.

‘I want solutions,’ Beck said.

Read more at the Pharos Tribune.

Statement from Tobi Beck on DCS Progress Report


“As a foster parent who has cared for children coming out of a home with addiction issues, I know first-hand how devastating it can be for our most vulnerable children to find a lack of support from the Department of Child Services. In my own experience, I have seen cases significantly delayed due to overwhelmed staff, necessary resources that never arrive, and foster parents regularly forced to spend out-of-pocket to cover basic expenses or forced to go to court to ensure that their foster child receives what that kid needs.

These preliminary findings are no surprise. While I know DCS staff to be hard-working, and the former director worked to try to modernize and improve this agency, the fact of the matter is that this is a multi-layered problem that requires a multi-layered response – we need both state and federal action to ensure that Indiana’s child welfare system is no longer a trap of inefficiency and failed delivery of services. We must ensure that our state is taking action while Congress builds an infrastructure for programs aimed at helping parents who are struggling with addiction and the children who are suffering. We are witnessing the results of years of neglect of this agency and failure to act – let’s work together to fix this for Indiana’s struggling families and children.”

Bangert: School shootings and gun laws, in the words of our next U.S. rep in Congress


Tobi Beck: In the 1970s, the No. 1 killer of Americans was cars. In order to solve this problem, we began with the understanding that we were not going to give up our cars, but we were not going to continue to allow lives to be lost. So, we researched and analyzed and came up with a variety of sensible ways to protect lives. We lowered the speed limit, banked the roads, put up railings, made brighter break lights, created three-point restraint systems and more. This work happened because we were willing to be creative and face the issues at hand, rather than sit on our hands out of fear of action and accountability. Why is this any different than firearms?

Rather than act, we have taken steps backwards – we passed legislation that eliminated manufacturers’ responsibility for their own firearms and halted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies on gun deaths. We have potential solutions we could implement, all of which would protect our Second Amendment rights while protecting our and our children’s lives. We must not be afraid of action – until  we embrace it, we will continue to have these tragedies.”

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Get Me a Yard Sign: Wave of Support Grows
for Tobi Beck in Tippecanoe

Tobi Beck endorsed by West Lafayette City Council President
and Tippecanoe Leaders


West Lafayette, IN – Congressional candidate Tobi Beck was endorsed by a number of Tippecanoe County leaders last week, on the heels of a successful Town Hall in West Lafayette. With the growing support of Tippecanoe’s activists and political leaders, the community is coming together to back Beck.

“I am honored to be endorsed by each of these incredible individuals. Peter Bunder, the West Lafayette City Council President, has been a tireless and tenacious advocate for West Lafayette. Lisa Dullum’s activism has been inspiring – she makes our community better every day. Erica Beumel’s hard work and accomplishments as a small business owner and as a candidate serves as a reminder to us all what we can do when determinated. I am humbled to have received the support of these leaders, and I look forward to working with them as we move Tippecanoe County forward,” said Tobi Beck.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be proud of our congressperson? Strong. Smart. New. Tobi Beck would be a real change from the shrill, mean, ideologues who claim our Hoosier values in Washington. Get me a yard-sign,” said Peter Bunder, West Lafayette City Council President.

“Tobi Beck will work to grow our middle class, lift up working families, and ensure the protections and rights in our constitution for all Hoosiers. She has spent the last year traveling throughout district 4 listening to Hoosiers and finding solutions where everyone can benefit. I strongly encourage you to not only get out and vote this May and this November, and make sure that we have representation that keeps the best interests of Hoosier at heart,” said Lisa Dullum, founding member and President of Greater Lafayette Indivisible, state coordinator for Indivisible Indiana, and Tippecanoe County Council candidate for the 4th District.

“Tobi Beck is a passionate listener whom I endorse for the 4th Congressional District Representative. Her integrity is beyond reproach. She is a loving wife and foster parent, a combat veteran, an experienced security and technology professional, and much more. Tobi Beck is hardworking and wants to continue fighting for us. She is standing strong for everyone’s rights, working to end divisiveness and to create a better future,” said Erica Beumel, small business owner and Tippecanoe County Council Candidate for the 2nd District.


Purdue Exponent: US House candidate hopes to ride ‘blue wave’ to victory

By Ryan Chen • 1/29/2018

A former member of the 571st Military Police Company with the United States Military, Beck now resides in Avon, Indiana, with her husband, two cats and a giant schnauzer.

Having attended the University of South Florida, worked in Silicon Valley and lived in the D.C. area, what could’ve made Beck choose Indiana?

“I’m choosing Indiana because it’s cool,” Beck said. “I like the seasons, I like the people — well, we need a little help with our politics.”

Read the full story at the Purdue Exponent.

IndyStar: Indiana Democrats demand investigation into DCS director’s claims

By Marisa Kwiatkowski • 12/18/2017

Tobi Beck, an Indiana foster parent who also is a Democratic candidate for Congress, said children will suffer if Indiana values savings over kids.

“As a foster mom, I have seen what cost-cutting at the expense of children and their foster families can do: children unable to visit a doctor or receive the treatment or help that they need because the Department of Child Services claims not to have the funds; a computer system so desperately outdated that funding for children is often lost or delayed; and foster parents compelled to turn to a judge to enforce court-ordered services,” Beck said Monday in a statement. “All only to turn around over $300 million in savings.”

Read the full story at the IndyStar. 


Tobi Beck made a stop in her campaign trail for Congress in Lafayette Sunday.


Beck is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for U.S. Congress in the 4th District. Supporters gathered outside of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse to listen to her speak.

The campaign kicked off in Danville. Beck said a big focal point of her campaign is minimizing the divide in our country.

“Recognize that diversity is our strength, recognize that we can work together to build the best possible solutions for everybody, that’s where our government should be and it’s not where our government is today and that’s why I want to go to Washington to represent the Hoosiers to build the stronger peace that benefits everybody,” said Beck.

Read the full story at WLFI.

Huffington Post: Warrior Women Are The Role Models We Need

By Brynn Tannehill • 8/18/2017

Lieutenant Colonel McGrath isn’t the only warrior woman running for Congress in 2018. Tobi Beck is running as a Democrat in the 4th Congressional District in Indiana. Beck was a captain in the Army reserves who deployed to Somalia, and returned to the US just before the events depicted in “Black Hawk Down.” She’s also a top level fighter (signified by wearing a white belt, the highest possible rank in the sport) in a full contact armored martial art. To put it in context how exclusive of company she is in, in the 50-year history of the sport more women have orbited the earth than have earned a white belt in her martial art. She wrote about her experiences as a woman competing against men in a contact sport in her book, The Armored Rose.”

Oh, and she has a Doctorate in Religious Philosophy and a Juris Doctorate from Concord University too. Lieutenant Colonel McGrath was a professor at the Naval Academy prior to retiring. This generation of warrior women are scholars, writers, mothers, and philosophers, which separates them from those who only fight.

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Project 100 Endorses Tobi Beck!

Project 100 aims to elect 100 progressive women to Congress by 2020. Their platform “gives everyday activists the tools they need to find and support the strongest candidates running so that women who deserve to lead can gain the backing they need to win.”

What does Project 100 have to say about Tobi?

“Tobi is running for Congress to get things done by listening, building, and understanding. She has served her community throughout her career, including service in the Military Police Unit and Army Reserve.”

Check out the full Project 100 profile here.