Guiding Principles and Key Issues

Bottom Line Up Front:  Let’s put divisiveness aside and work together to push forward values that benefit us all by electing a representative with the best interests of Hoosiers at heart.

It’s time for a new voice in Washington , D.C., focused on lifting up our working families and growing our middle class, standing up for our veterans, and ensuring fairness for all by protecting the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

Lasting solutions means putting aside differences in order to address the root of our problems. Together, we can work toward:

  • Campaign finance reform. Let’s end hidden campaign contributions and ensure that candidates are beholden to the people.
  • An end to gerrymandering. The people should have an opportunity to elect true representatives.
  • Healthcare for everyone. Healthcare that is stable, affordable and accessible to all. If you need a doctor, you should be able to see a doctor without needing to worry about going into debt or risking your health.
  • Strong military spending for the right reasons and in the right way. Military spending should be efficient and impactful use of taxpayer dollars, rather than a waste of resources in the name of patriotism.
  • Strong, quality education for all. Our children deserve public schools that have solid and stable funding and are able to deliver an exceptional education.
  • Strong public services. We need strong public services, such as fire and police departments. We must improve education and training so they can do their jobs safely, efficiently, and in a way that best serves all members of our community.
  • Investment in infrastructure. A strong Hoosier state requires strong infrastructure through repair and improvement to our roads, bridges, power grids, and communications systems.
  • Immigration reform. America has always been proud to be the melting pot. We need a path to citizenship for immigrants and refugees who positively contribute to our society.
  • Medical Marijuana. Supporting the use of medical marijuana and other evidence-based treatments that help people.
  • Fighting for our environment. We have only one planet, and we need to work to ensure we leave a healthy environment for future generations.