Educational Voucher Ralley

While Betsy DeVos spoke at a policy summit for education, protesters gathered to highlight the other side of the issue that DeVose does not acknowledge.

A school voucher is a check that allows a parent to apply what would be public money to a private school of their choice.  The problem is, those private schools do not have to follow the federal guidelines about accepting students without discrimination.  Time and again, voucher programs are used to segregate rather than improve schools.  The voucher systems takes the money from schools that can not discriminate by law (our public schools) and funnels that money to the schools that can, forcing our public schools to provide education to the students private schools won’t take, with less money and fewer resources.

Voucher schools have discriminated based on race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, income, disability, and just about every other category there is.   The Teacher’s Association, Parents, Educators and many others object to using your tax money to discriminate against students.

The Indiana State Teachers Association rallied together on the Capital steps Monday night the 22 of May to protest this practice promoted by the Education Secretary DeVoe.